Know the 10 essential tools to make your journey through divorce or breakup easier, and more gentle.

Feel safe again. Take back your power.
You are on the right track.

Let this guide be your roadmap.
Godspeed, and know you are loved.

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divorce survival ebook

Your Ultimate Survival Backpack for the Journey Ahead

It takes much courage and strength to seek help when your life is in chaos, and I warmly encourage you to take this step of action.

The 10 tools in this guide may seem like simple, everyday common sense. But we humans are complicated creatures and common sense is not always our common practice.

By making a conscious effort to put these tools into practice you will develop the essential habits and conscious mindset that will guide you out of the chaos and the confusion you may be experiencing right now. These tools will continue to arm you for life and will allow you to overcome any potential obstacles down the road.

If separation is already happening, accept it and let it be done well.

Divorce doesn’t have to mean the end but rather the beginning of a new and better life for all involved. Especially you. Speaking from both my professional and personal experience, I can promise you there is a way for you and your children to emerge from this stronger and mended. Those ugly phrases such as “failed marriage”, “bad relationship”, “broken home”, “scarred children”, “bitter ex” and “lonely spinster” don’t need to apply here. Do not consider your divorce a “public admission of defeat”, but rather your declaration of independence and the starting point to a new and fulfilling life.


This survival backpack gives you everything you need right now to feel safe, reclaim your power, and know what your next steps will be. Godspeed, and know you are not alone.

27 SGD / $19 USD — BUY NOW

PDF ebook. 40 pages.
You can print this workbook or fill it out digitally on your computer.

Sonyan White is a Highly Trained and Experienced Conscious Uncoupling Coach

—Certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT—

Sonyan White is a highly trained and experienced Conscious Uncoupling Coach with a unique ability to connect with her clients and speak directly to their individual needs. Her passionate and personalised, solution focused approach has made her renowned amongst clients worldwide, and she has also set herself apart as the first and only Conscious Uncoupling Coach in all of Asia, where there is a fast growing need.

Not only does Sonyan bring Conscious Uncoupling coaching to an entire continent of clients needing a coach in their same time zone, her own experience of going through divorce as a UK transplant in Asia has also allowed her to become a guiding light for many expats facing divorce in a foreign country away from their support network at home.

In addition to Conscious Uncoupling coaching, Sonyan is also one of only four certified High Performance coaches in Asia, a PCC and ACC Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Solution Focused Master Coach, a Brief Therapy Practitioner and Chemical Engineer with a degree from Manchester University.

Most importantly, Sonyan invests her entire being into creating a coaching relationship with her clients bound by trust, acceptance and a mutual commitment to healing the pain of the past, resolving roadblocks and manifesting the life they were meant to live.