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Sonyan White - relationship coach Malaysia

Who do I work with?

Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Trained & Certified
by Creator, Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT

I work with all types of clients going through all phases of separation, divorce and post divorce. I also specialise in working with women who have children and need help parenting through these difficult transitions.

No matter what your situation is, my parenting coaching is focused on achieving the best possible outcome for both you and children – based on this essential golden rule:

“Do no harm to your children without martyring yourself.”

This means healing yourself and becoming the best version of yourself for both you and your children. When you are living your truth, your purpose as a parent will guide you to always act in your children’s best interests no matter what challenges stand in your way.

If today was the last day of your life, could you wholeheartedly say?

“Being a mother was one of the most important and valuable things I ever did.”

You understand why parenting your children well through divorce and/or marital problems is what matters most right now.

If so, then you are ready to work with an expert who can help you get there.

I have helped hundreds of women from all different starting points get to this place and if you’re ready, I will get you there as well.

  • Connector.

    I work with women who are prepared to invest their time, their energy,

    their heart and their soul in their childrens’ future. Women who understand that this investment is as important as investing in their own future and paramount to their role as a parent.

  • Connector.

    I work with women who will stop at nothing

    to face even the most challenging, painful situations and turn it around.

  • Connector.

    I work with women who are ready to believe

    that although it may seem like it right now, their divorce doesn’t have to be what ultimately defines their entire life. It is one of the most difficult life transitions you will have to go through, but once you do there is an entire future waiting for you.

  • Connector.

    Women who are willing to take the high road

    even when it is so damn difficult! They are ready to do so for the sake of their children. They see the value in personal growth and development to help create the best possible outcome for themselves and everyone involved.

  • Connector.

    Women who intuitively understand

    how hanging on to the past and harbouring resentment is holding them back from finding personal happiness and fulfilling their role as a parent.

  • Connector.

    Women who understand that taking care of themselves is top priority

    because they want to be around for their children and grandchildren.

Women who understand that being a healthy parent will also make it possible that their children will want them to be a part of their lives.

I work with women who are ready to say, “Let’s get real. The divorce is happening, so let’s do it right.”

The good news is that if YOU are one of these women, I am ready to guide you through the very steps that will allow you to become a healthy co-parent and a happy person able to create the life you truly want for you and your children.

Working with the 5 Steps of the Conscious Uncoupling™ Process

Conscious Uncoupling™ is a 5-step transformative journey to move you out of the emotional prison of divorce into a bigger, richer life. And it works. It’s worked for me. It’s worked for the hundreds of women I’ve helped and it’s been working for thousands of other women all over the world. 

Based on the most current research on divorce and personal growth in the context of today’s world, Conscious Uncoupling™ takes away false beliefs and personal stories that keep you stuck in the past. Unlike therapy, the Conscious Uncoupling™ process only requires us dip into your past long enough to gather information, and utilise it to propel you forward.

It teaches you to live authentically, to align with your personal truth and a self-directed purpose that will always allow you to continue moving forward in your life, no matter what challenges come your way.

The women who choose to stay in the past and allow themselves to get swallowed by their emotions are the women who can extend the impact of their divorce for years, remaining a perpetual victim of the past and their ex.

Women who go through Conscious Uncoupling™ become the woman they were always meant to be, the parent they want to be and live happier lives on their own terms.
Conscious Uncoupling™ not only gets you through that crucial healing process, its a transformative journey that gives you the lifelong tools to live life on your terms and to create your future.

As your coach, I will adapt the Conscious Uncoupling™ program to best serve your individual situation and personal needs. Together, we will work through each step of the transformative process and answer the many important questions that will come up along the way.

Questions such as:

  • How do I inspire my children, through my choices and actions, that there is life after divorce and that love and values still exist?
  • How exactly can I start reclaiming my power now so that I can face each day and start creating a happy, healthy home for my children?
  • How do I stay committed to doing the right thing on behalf of our children, when it seems like my ex is purposely making things more difficult and doing things just to hurt me?
  • I’m flooded with resentment and anger every time my ex breaches our agreements and changes plans. How do I free myself from this toxic dynamic so I don’t negatively impact my children’s relationship with their father?
  • My ex and I not only don’t along right now, we have completely different approaches to parenting. How do we create a parenting plan together that is best for the kids and how can I ensure that he sticks to it?
  • My kids are getting to the age where they’re more interested in spending their free time with friends. Meanwhile, most of my friends are still married and I’m spending more time alone. How do I start a whole new social life at this age and do so in a healthy way?

Still Deciding Whether To Save or End Your Marriage?

I also work with women dealing with all types of marital problems and who are still struggling to decide whether saving their marriage or choosing divorce is best for themselves and their children.

Unlike many coaches, I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. I am deeply committed to treating every client as an individual with their own unique situation and I use a more personalised, solution-focused approach to guide you to the best possible options and outcomes for you, your children and everyone involved.

Are you currently struggling with any of these issues or similar ones?

  • You’ve heard that divorce scars children for life but you feel deep down that you need to leave. You feel trapped, putting off your own happiness and counting the years until your children leave home. Is it really the best thing for your children?
  • He’s had an affair and has violated your trust. You are reeling from pain and anger. You may even have post-traumatic stress symptoms and you’re finding it hard to function as a parent. What is your best immediate solution?
  • The marriage has been suffering for a while and you’ve both been waiting for each other to step-up. Now he wants a divorce and you’re devastated. Should you try to salvage the marriage at this point? How?
  • Everything seemed to be fine until out of the blue he told you he’s not
    happy and wants some time apart to figure things out. You know it’s best to respect his needs but you’re more worried how a separation is going to affect the kids. Meanwhile you’ve been trying to hide your tears and the tension between you two from the kids.
  • What do you do when there isn’t a single best solution for everyone?

As someone who has been exactly where you are right now, I know that you have at least a few burning questions of your own that you need help answering.
I am here and I know
how to help you right now.

Schedule your 30-minute Complimentary “Finding Your Way Forward Session.”

I will contact you via Skype at your scheduled appointment to discuss your situation and help you determine your next steps forward.

Sonyan White is a highly trained and experienced Conscious Uncoupling Coach with a unique ability to connect with her clients and speak directly to their individual needs.

Specialising in working with clients with children who are ready to work with an expert in parenting them well through divorce while still taking care of yourself. Her passionate and personalised, solution focused approach has made her renowned amongst clients worldwide.

She quickly set herself apart as the first and only Conscious Uncoupling Coach in all of Asia, where there is a fast growing need on the continent for a coach in their time zone. As well, her experience of going through divorce as a UK transplant in Asia has also allowed her to become a guiding light for many expats facing divorce in a foreign country away from their support network at home.

Sonyan is also one of only four certified High Performance coaches in Asia, a PCC and ACC Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Solution Focused Master Coach, a Brief Therapy Practitioner. She holds an Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering from Manchester University.

Sonyan brings her unique wisdom, experience and expertise into creating a coaching relationship with her clients rooted in deep trust, acceptance and a mutual commitment to healing the pain of her clients resolving, resolving roadblocks and manifesting the life they love better than the one they are letting go.

Liberating yourself from the pain of divorce and creating a future that you love more than the life you are leaving behind is what matters most right now.

Parenting your children so that they are safe, healthy, happy and emotionally secure matters deeply to you too

If so, then you are ready to work with an expert who can help you get there.